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The Historical Miniature Gaming Society (HMGS) Great Lakes chapter is a 501 (c) non-profit corporation. The purpose of the organization is exclusively for educational and charitable purposes and the running of educational programs promoting historical miniature gaming and military history. The Corporation will receive and administer funds for charitable and educational purposes such as providing members and the public-at-large with educational demonstrations, seminars and conventions devoted to the various aspects of historical gaming and military history.

Get Your Drums Events In!

May 1st, 2015 -->

Update: Prelimary Event Listing now available 

Doug Johnson, Our Coordinator for all things fort Meigs, announces the following:

 Yes I know, the announcement is getting later every year. Those of you that I’ve talked to already have your regular spots reserved. We are losing a bit of space in the main room due to the Holiday Open House display that is still up. There is a fireplace where the DBA tables used to be. However we have the Conference Room and more space in the Gift Shop due to some remodeling. So please send me your scenario and table and time and I’ll fill out the schedule. 

Doug, AKA “Larry”
Doug can be reached at
 Two sessions on Friday, 2pm and 7pm. Three on Saturday, 9am, 2pm and 7pm