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The Historical Miniature Gaming Society (HMGS) Great Lakes chapter is a 501 (c) non-profit corporation. The purpose of the organization is exclusively for educational and charitable purposes and the running of educational programs promoting historical miniature gaming and military history. The Corporation will receive and administer funds for charitable and educational purposes such as providing members and the public-at-large with educational demonstrations, seminars and conventions devoted to the various aspects of historical gaming and military history.

Celebrate International Tabletop Day at Fort Meigs

March 29th, 2015 -->

I hope everyone had a good time at Battlefields.   I’m sorry I was unable to attend for various reasons.   Fort Meigs is hosting a day of gaming for international tabletop day.  Doug Johnson who is coordinating the event has sent over the list he has so far.

1.Wings of War WW1 and X-Wing Fighter games for beginners.
2. King of Tokyo, Concept, and two different Ascension deck building games.
3. Battle of Six Armies – Fantasy miniatures game from Lord of the Rings.
4. “The Battle of Kernstown, March 1862″ – Historical miniatures on a 3-D hexagonal board.
 General Stonewall Jackson attacks  General Banks thinking he
outnumbers his force, but he is in for a surprise. One page of rules by TwoBuckGames.
5. “Tempest in a Tea Pot”. Historical miniatures game.
It’s a Russian front scenario. Germans trying to fall back to hold the line.
The tricky part for the Germans is to hold at least one of the rivers AND collect stragglers
to reinforce the position. The Russian plan is simple. (Isn’t it always?) Push the Germans
as hard as you can where ever you can find them. 4 to 6 players.
6. “The Battle of Quebec” – Historical miniatures game.  French & Indian War (Plains of Abraham), using One Hour Wargames rules. Can take up to 6 players.
7. Ticket to Ride – Build the biggest railroad first in this popular board game.
8. Formula De – race to the finish line and win. Multiple tracks and lots of drivers make this board game fun.
9. Off-Road Race – A quick race game you can make at home.
10. War of 1812 and the AWI board games produced by Academy Games in Fremont Oh.
Other smaller games and events will be available throughout the day.