ATC 2017 Event Registration

New for 2017 Event Registration and Game Registration.

We will be offering both Event Registration (paying admission) and Game Registration (signing up for games) for the Event this year.  We are waiting for game Masters to go get their events in and getting everything finalized, but we will be offering Game Registration to all those who pay for Event Registration at a future date.  Online Event and Game Registration will be running until September 25th, to give us time to get sign up sheets finalized for the Event

HMGS Member packages

Important A Valid HMGS (any chapter) Membership is required at check in for HMGS Member packages. If you do not have a valid membership you will have to pay the price difference at the door. Please work with us and Purchase the proper product. HMGS Memberships may be purchased along side your registration by visting our join page.

Member Attdendee:

ATC Member Attendee: Weekend


ATC Member Attendee: Single Day

Day :

Member Game Master

If you are running a game we would like to offer you a discounted rate. We can only provide a discounted rate for one person per game being ran. Sorry, helpers/etc have to pay full rate. Any invalid packages will have to make up the price at the door.

ATC Member Game Master: Weekend


ATC Member Game Master: Single Day

Day :

General Admission Packages

General Attendee

ATC General Attendee: Weekend


ATC General Attendee: Single Day

Day :

General Game Master

As with our Game Masters we are pleased to offer a discounted to rate those running games. The “one person per game” rule applies.

ATC General Game Master: Weekend


ATC General Master Single Day

Day :


Students K-12 attending games are offered a discounted rate. While our event is suitable for all ages, we allow our GMs to choose to welcome unaccompanied children, whether children are required to be accompanied by an adult, or if the game is 18+ only. This will be marked on the PEL, Sign up Sheets, and Game registration.

Children under 5 years old and those not playing games are welcome at the event free of charge and no registration is required.

ATC Student Attendee: Weekend


ATC Student Attendee: Weekend

Day :