Drums 2017 Gallery and Webmaster’s Report

Another Drums along the Maumee is behind us, and I was once again glad to see everyone and how well things went.  I’d like to think everyone who came to Toledo Land to make this a success, our local Colby Street Irregulars that make this special, our Fort Staff who put up with us year to year, and the fort organisation that makes sure we have good food and snacks to get us through 2 Days of gaming.  Here is my take on the day.

Friday: Sergeants Board Game

Sergeants Board Game Player Setup MatA board game? A miniature Game? a Decking Building Card Game?  No, It’s Sergeants, and it’s all of these things without being just any of them. Pre-painted miniatures, a piece together game board, and multi use cards come together to give a skirmish level look into World War II.   Everything is Run off cards, and players use their deck for activations, chance to hit, damage and recovery.  This is my first time playing this game, and I enjoyed it throughly.  I have it on good authority that Tom Oxley will be running it at ATC as well, so you if you haven’t had a chance and will be joining us in the fall, so please consider taking a look.

Saturday Morning: Check Your Six: Jet Age, Dual Sorties in Korean Conflict

Moving BombersI am a fan CY6, I have run games in the past at various venues and am always glad to have an opportunity to play the game as well.  It’s fairly simple to learn, simple to manage, elegant, and often fast and furious.  Tom Oxley ran two back to back Scenarios of Chinese Bombers getting bounced to and from their target.  This was my first experience running Korean Jet and I was pleased to have American Sabers in the First match and Chinese Props in the later match.  (I was slated to have MiG 19s but they did arrive before the Americans ran out of fuel.

I was please even more to have two young men who played the game with us and conducted themselves well and made good accounts flying their planes as well.  The Scenarios were scored together as a definitive American Victory.  Thank you to Tom Oxley for putting on this game and the Sergeants game Friday night.

Saturday Afternoon: Songs of Drums and Tomahawks raid Deerfield

Raid on DeerfieldAnother Annual Favorite, French and Indian troops raid a colonial British settlement in this Skirmish level miniature game from First Command Wargames.   Many of you may remember my stunning defeat as colonial Peasants last year at ATC.  Well I tried to get my revenge by playing French lead raiders, and it went fairly well, I was unable to fully prevail against colonial forces. However I was suitable thorn in the side and provided a more balanced and interesting match, fighting to the last man to keep the colonials appropriately terrorized.

I liked the addition of the closed door rules, where both colonial skirmishers and Indian raiders had to make attack rolls to open the buildings and see randomly who was waiting inside.  Thank you Mike Seltzer from First Command for putting on this event multiple times at ATC

Looking forward to ATC

ATC GM Registration is Open, please get your Events in ASAP so we can begin Registration for Attendees as soon as possible.  That’s right, it is our intent to offer Event Registration for our Attendees to ATC this fall.  You will be able to schedule your convention in advance and come and go without having to worry about missing Event signups.

ATC 2017 Gallery

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