HMGS at Dayton Day Con

I took a little time to check out a new miniature gaming event in Ohio, Dayton Day Con.  This is new event which featured miniature gaming, role playing, and traditional board games.  

The organizers of this event had secured a very nice venue a two story banquet building in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio.  There was ample room and the ambiance was pretty good for them having a dozen events going at once on the main upper level.  They had a kitchen, vendors, and a few more tables in the lower level.

It was a good day and they were able to have the windows open and cook outside with impunity   This helped the venue very much. I ran into several old friends at the new convention, which made for a great time as well.

I finally got to remove Shadowrun RPG from my bucket list. Shadowrun has been offering what they are calling their “World Tour” which is their for convention mission scenarios and mini campaign system.  I was really excited to get the opportunity  to play this game finally and the Scenario and Gamemaster were top Notch.

I made my back to Historical Miniatures for an HMGS Great Lakes Run World War I miniature trench warfare game.   I liked the system for this one and I think the pace was really good despite there being four people on a side and plenty of figures for each player to manage an early american mortar hit took out one of the German flamethrowers which made the push into the trenches impossible, securing the American victory when time was called.

Overall I think the folks running this show are off to a decent start.  I think the sessions were a bit short, especially the first one where it always takes a bit longer to get things running. Their pre-registration model was excellent and a great help and apparently well received by those I spoke to concerning it. We are evaluating our options for ATC and hope to bring a similar process to our event this fall.

On that note, Drums along the Maumee is just over two months away and Doug Johnson reports that slots are filling up fast.  We have a more information and an event listing very soon. If you are still interested in Game Master spot, please reach out to Doug at

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