Game Sign up and PEL

Exciting times are upon us. We are venturing forth together into the world of Game Registration for players! If you have signed up for ATC before now, you should be receiving an email from Eventbrite to allow you to sign up for events. If you do not receive an email by Saturday evening, Please reach out to me at and we will get you fixed up.

We’re on a bit of an honor system here. Please only sign up for games on the day you are attending and for games you will be able to attend (no overlapping games plase).

Please see for full event details and table locations.

NO TICKETS ARE REQUIRED. Your name will automatically be added to the signup sheets. Just Sign in at the Desk.

If you haven’t signed up for ATC there is still time to vist the Preregistration page. Once you sign up, you will receive an email for Eventbrite in about 24 hours, if you haven’t seen it by then, give me holler as per above.

If you don’t have the inkling or ability to pay in advance, come and pay at the door, there are over 300 slots of gaming + FOW tourney. If you’ve never come to a miniature gaming event before, make this your first time and nose around both our event and the museum for free. If you decide want to game, then you can sign up. Also, try the coffee, it’s excellent.

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